Greenlight emerges as a transformative B2C marketplace, meticulously designed to offer dispensaries a direct conduit to consumers, reshaping the cannabis buying experience.

Concept + UI/UX Design  + Product Design


To envision and design an elegant and intuitive platform that seamlessly connects dispensaries with the vast world of cannabis enthusiasts, ensuring a premium, insightful, and streamlined purchasing journey.

The Challenge

Crafting a singular marketplace that not only meets the operational needs of dispensaries but also resonates with the high expectations of today's discerning cannabis consumers.

01. User-Centric Design

With an emphasis on aesthetics and navigation, a design was conceptualized that would cater to both the novice and the seasoned cannabis buyer, allowing them to explore and transact with ease.

02. Digital Style Guide

While branding wasn't the focus, the creation of a detailed digital style guide was paramount. This guide ensured GREENLIGHT's digital presence was both cohesive and contemporary, resonating with its audience across all digital interactions.

03. Comprehensive Dispensary Integration

The design incorporated features that would allow dispensaries to list their offerings, manage their product display, and engage with customers, ensuring a two-way marketplace experience.

04. Detailed Product Listings

Prioritizing consumer experience, each product was designed to be presented with high-definition visuals, comprehensive descriptions, and user reviews, empowering consumers to make well-informed decisions.