Kantha Bae stands at the intersection of Bohemian fashion and sustainable practices, offering a distinctive range of products that marry style with consciousness. Their e-commerce platform serves as a beacon for both fashion enthusiasts and sustainability advocates.

Web Design | Web Development | UI/UX Design | Digital Marketing | Strategy


To create a cohesive online presence for Kantha Bae, where design aesthetics, user experience, and a strong emphasis on sustainability come together, ensuring the brand's ethos is not just communicated but felt by every user.

The Challenge

Designing an integrated platform that effectively combines Kantha Bae's unique fashion offerings with its commitment to sustainability, while also introducing value-added services for its loyal customer base.

01. Website Redesign

Adopted a Boho-inspired design, emphasizing earthy tones, natural textures, and whimsical elements. The redesign ensured that the brand's unique offerings and ethos were front and center, providing an immersive browsing experience. Beyond product listings, the platform was enriched with detailed sections highlighting Kantha Bae's commitment to ethical practices, from using recycled materials to supporting fair labor practices.

02. Enhanced Shopping Experience

Integrated advanced features like an efficient search function, personalized product recommendations, and a streamlined checkout process, ensuring users have a hassle-free shopping journey.

03. App UI Design

Conceptualized and designed a mobile application that mirrors the brand's aesthetics, offering users an intuitive and engaging platform to explore and purchase Kantha Bae's fashion range.

04. Digital Marketing Expertise

Crafted compelling digital creatives that encapsulated Kantha Bae's brand story. Deployed strategic social media advertising campaigns targeting both fashion enthusiasts and sustainability advocates, driving traffic and conversions.

05. "The Kismet Club"

Conceptualized and introduced a premium membership model, akin to the "Amazon Prime" concept. This service offers members exclusive benefits such as early access to new collections, special discounts, and expedited shipping, further building brand loyalty.